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General Features of the family Zingiberaceae

Zingiberaceae with about 50 genera and more than 1500 species are distributed mainly in the tropics and subtropics. India has rich diversity of Zingiberaceous plants. perhaps 200 of the world taxa occur in India. Many species are economically important as source of food.


Hedychium Koen.
Retz., Obs. Bot. 3: 61 1783.

Commonly called as 'ginger lily' or 'butterfly lily'. This is the largest genus of the family in India, with about 43 taxa, including 17 endemics, mostly restricted to Northeastern India. It comprises of approximately 80 species, distributed mainly in India., Soth China and Southeast Asia. Medium sized gingers some are epiphytic. Inflorescence terminal on leafy stems, flowers showy and sweet scented. The flowers are irregular and the most attractive parts are petaloid lateral staminodes and labellum.

Hedychium chrysoleucum
Hedychium coccineum
Hedychium coronarium
Hedychium ellipticum
Hedychium flavescens
Hedychium gracile
Hedychium greenii
Hedychium aurantiacum
Hedychium rubrum
Hedychium spicatum var. s...
Hedychium stenopetalum
Hedychium urophyllum
Hedychium villosum
Hedychium wardii
Hedychium aureum
Hedychium dekianum
Hedychium edwardsii
Hedychium elatum
Hedychium elwesii
Hedychium flavum
Hedychium gardnerianum
Hedychium gracillimum
Hedychium griffithianum
Hedychium hookeri
Hedychium larsenii
Hedychium longipedunculat...
Hedychium marginatum
Hedychium radiatum
Hedychium robustum
Hedychium speciosum
Hedychium spicatum var. ...
Hedychium thyrsiforme
Hedychium venustum

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