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General Features of the family Zingiberaceae

Zingiberaceae with about 50 genera and more than 1500 species are distributed mainly in the tropics and subtropics. India has rich diversity of Zingiberaceous plants. perhaps 200 of the world taxa occur in India. Many species are economically important as source of food.


Zingiber Mill.(nom. cons.)
Ludwig. Defin. Gen. Pl. 89. 1760 .

Medium sized herbs with long, creeping, stout rhizomes. The inflorescences arises on a separate shoot, directly from the rhizome, Peduncle may be short or long. Inflorescence with closely overlapping bracts or the bracts forms an open pouches giving cone like appearance. Each bract subtends a single flower. Anther with a characteristic beak like appendage. At present about 141 species have been described. In India only 17 species, 1 variety with 7 endemics were described and mostly distributed in Eastern Himalayas, Eastern India, Peninsular India and Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

Zingiber capitatum
Zingiber neesanum
Zingiber nimmonii
Zingiber officinale
Zingiber roseum
Zingiber rubens
Zingiber spectabilis
Zingiber squarrosum
Zingiber zerumbet
Zingiber neotruncatum
Zingiber chrysanthum
Zingiber ligulatum
Zingiber divakarianum
Zingiber wightianum
Zingiber arunachalensis
Zingiber bipinianum
Zingiber campanulatum
Zingiber kangleipakens
Zingiber montanum
Zingiber meghalayensis
Zingiber mizoramensis

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